Why Lagom Wellness

Being a part of a small, locally owned clinic gives you direct access to your provider and their support staff so that you can get answers as soon as you need them. 


Meet Dr. Tonya Loken

Dr. Tonya Loken is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and owner of Lagom Wellness clinic. 


Dr. Tonya completed her bachelors degree in nutrition, from the University of North Dakota, before going on to Naturopathic Medical school in Portland, OR.  She spent four years studying to be a Naturopathic doctor, at the oldest Naturopathic medical school in the country, the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). During her time at NUNM she completed her doctorate in Naturopathic medicine (ND), her masters degree in whole food nutrition (MScN), and researched the in and outs of thyroid health and autoimmune disease. 

Her masters degree in nutrition, gives her a unique expertise in nutrition education, meal plan development, specialized diets, and nutritional medicine.

Because of her desire to always offer the best care and variety of treatment modalities to her patients, she went back to school to earn her Masters of Science in Nursing and obtained her Family Nurse Practitioner certification. 


Her combined degrees allow her to use both natural medicine philosophy and the best that modern medicine has to offer to help her patients achieve and maintain health. 


Meet Megan Klinkhammer

Megan is a pediatric nurse practitioner that specializes in complex pediatric cases. 


Megan approaches healthcare different for each family. Her goal is to meet her patients where they are in their health and wellness journey and build their health foundation from the ground up. Her focus is on true healing versus just a bandaid approach to healthcare. A focus on diet, lifestyle, and good daily habits are part of her education and teaching to each family. 

Megan has extended visit times to allow her to get to know each and every one of her patients and their story. You will never feel hurried, rushed, or like a number when you are in her office.

Megan has over 10 years of experience in the nursing and pediatric field, in addition to her own personal experience with her family. She has a passion for helping people and loves working with parents and kids to achieve life long health. 

From well-child exams, acute visits for sore throats and the common cold, to complex cases of constipation and skin rashes, Megan is excited to be part of her patient's healthcare team. 

** Megan is now accepting new patients for primary care, well-child exams, and same day acute illness visits! Click the link below or call the office to schedule your appointment! 701-552-6573

Life Is About Balance

At Lagom, we believe in creating a balance between holistic healing and modern medicine.  We add value to your medical care by allowing you access to your labs and visit summaries on an easily accessible patient portal. ​


Your patient portal will also allow you to access past and recommended supplement subscriptions for a quick and easy refill process. 

When you choose Lagom Wellness, you will have access to message your provider on any device, from anywhere, which makes communication fast and easy.


We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care and the best customer service of any health, wellness or medical clinic.


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