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A Healthy Gut

We believe that a healthy gut is the key to overall health. Healing your body starts from the inside out. At Lagom, we offer colon hydrotherapy to help heal your colon, support detoxification, and keep your bowels regular. 

Colon Health

At Lagom Wellness Clinic, we want your whole body to be healthy, and that starts with a healthy colon and digestive tract. Many people suffer with abnormal digestive symptoms that are often thought of as normal, because these symptoms are so common. At Lagom, we don't believe that gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea are normal digestive symptoms you should have to live with. If you are experiencing these symptoms, we want to help you reduce or eliminate these symptoms so you can get back to life.


At Lagom, our colon hydrotherapy treatments are done with a closed system. This type of colonic is facilitated by our colon hydrotherapist so you are always in good hands. The treatment is clean, relaxing, and will leave you feeling lighter and less bloated. Your colonic treatment is done in our specially designed colonic room that has a bathroom in the room to ensure complete privacy before and after the treatment. 

Our specially trained colon hydrotherapist will work with you, your specific digestive concerns and health goals, to help you achieve colon health through a series of colon hydrotherapy or colonic treatments. A personalized, targeted treatment plan may also include physician grade supplements, speciality testing, or a consultation with our doctor on staff. 


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