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Nutrition Is Key

We believe that healing your body starts from the inside out.

At Lagom, we offer nutrition and supplement services to get you started on the right path.

Balanced Nutrition 

At Lagom Wellness Clinic, we work with you to build a nutrition and supplement and plan that helps you live your best life while maintaining your health goals. 

Part of our action plan towards providing you with the tools you need to gain  balanced health in our use of quality supplements. 


We offer all of our patients physician grade supplements that are third party tested for purity and ingredient consistency and Lagom Wellness Clinic vetted for efficacy. 


Most supplements that are used by the providers have been used in clinical trials that have seen significant results for the patients in the studies. 

By purchasing through our clinic or one of our trusted partners, you skip the shopping, extra trips, and guess work. You know you are getting what you pay for and will produce the best results possible. 

Healthy Salad

Learn more about the supplements we offer and order straight to your door! 


A family owned company that we have partnered with since 2012, NutriDyn is located in Minnesota, has a small business feel and offers some of the best quality supplements in the industry.


NutriDyn prides themselves on science and innovation as well as clinical excellence and results. You always know what you are getting when you order from NutriDyn; quality, transparency, and awesome customer service. 

We love their fish oil for its quality and purity, the adrenal support for tired mamas, AllerPro for seasonal allergy relief, and their Dynamic Fruits and Greens pass for health "juice" in our family!

Take advantage of 25% off all supplements from NutriDyn the first Wednesday of the month!


An easy hub for many physician vetted supplements and companies that have been started or are run by clinicians. 


FullScript is an easy way to order all of you supplements from the same website, and know that they have been housed under optimal conditions until they are delivered to your door. Unlike other online retailers, you can be sure that the natural medicines that you get from FullScript are not relabeled or counterfeit.

Some of the key products that they offer include Carditione, Cortisol Manager, Iron Extra, Standard Process, and many others! 

We always offer 10% off of retail pricing and you get free shipping when you spend $49! 

Microbiome Labs

A clinician and a researcher owned company that is heads and shoulders above the rest for gut and immune health. 

Microbiome Labs makes some of the best probiotics and clinically effective gut healing protocols I have ever used. Their products are second to none, and the quality research that backs their products is astounding. Until you have tried their spore based biotic and their gut healing immunoglobulin, you haven't used the best gut healing protocol available! 

Megaspore, megamucosa, and megaprebiotic are some of our favorites!

Most products are offered in office, but if you prefer delivery to your front door, click below to get your order started! 

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