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Ozone Therapy

More cellular energy means more productivity, more detoxification, and improved healing. These are the fundamental elements for health and wellness, and ozone therapy can help improve all of these and more! 

Ozone Therapy

At Lagom Wellness Clinic, we want your whole body to be healthy, and that starts at the cellular level. When cells get "gummed up" they don't work as well and they can't perform the functions that they were designed to do. That's where ozone therapy can help!

Ozone therapy helps at the cellular level so that you are not getting a band-aid approach to your healthcare, but one that is getting at the root of your concerns and helping heal you from the inside out. 

Ozone has many applications; skin, joints, blood, sinuses, GI tract, and vaginal tract. Because ozone has the ability to kill microbes, increase cell energy, and balance the immune response, restoration of immune health and function can be achieved with ozone therapy. 

Services offered at Lagom that incorporate ozone therapy include:

  1. MAH

  2. Nasal Ozone Insufflation

  3. Rectal Ozone Insufflation

  4. Vaginal Ozone Insufflation

  5. Prolozone- Joint Injections

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